Enhanced Balance Sheet with groups

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The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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Print the Balance Sheet with your logo

In the new Banana Accounting Plus version, the Balance Sheet with groups printout has been improved with new customization possibilities. Among the new features, the possibility to insert your logo.

We advise you to immediately switch to Banana Accounting Plus and take advantage of the many new features.

The Balance sheet with groups differs from the Balance sheet for the following characteristics:

  • Includes also subgroups in the printout, as in the chart of accounts (and not only groups).
  • Offers the possibility to exclude groups or accounts (for instance, to display only the total of the group and not the accounts of which the total is composed).
  • In the Chart of accountsSections it is possible to select which accounts to include or leave out in the printouts
  • It is possible to choose, for a given period, what kind of subdivision you want (for example in the first semester, you can choose wether to obtain the data by month or by quarter)
  • It is possible to have a subdivision by segment
  • ... and much more!

In order to calculate, display and print the Enhanced Balance sheet by groups, click on the Enhanced balance sheet with groups command from the Account1 menu; a window appears, with different sections that allow the user to define the print setup.

See also Print Examples.



  • If I exclude the groups with a zero balance, the title rows that refer to the excluded groups are still being displayed; how can I erase them?
    Go to Sections and activate Hide current row on the title rows that you wish to exclude.
  • I would like to exclude the display of the period in the titles of the printouts ("1st Semester 2013"); how can i do it?
    Go to the Headers section and deactivate the Print period option.
  • On the cover page, when there are long titles, I would like to be able to choose how to subdivide the texts on two rows and whether I wish to apply bold print. Is it possible?
    It is impossible to change the fonts on the cover page.
  • Some amounts are not included in the indicated period. Why?
    Transactions without a date are being counted as openings and do not appear in the printouts of the Profit & Loss statement. Be sure to enter the date into all the transactions.
  • The Total groups that contain all the accounts of the classes 3 and 4 are being renamed with the text Profit or Loss, depending on the result of the accounting period. Can I change that?
    Go to the Sections and overwrite the original text in the Alternate text zone of the active row.
  • In case the Show previous year option is being activated, and in the previous year file there are groups that are no longer present in the current year, the program will give error messages. Can I do something about it?
    In order to print the Balance sheet with data of the previous and the current year, the groups of the previous year have to also be present in the current year.


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