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From the Account1 menu choose the Enhanced Balance Sheet with groups command and select the Subdivision tab.

The whole period is shown.


Subdivision by period
This function makes it possible to display the dates of the selected period per day, month, bi-monthly, per quarter, per 4 months, per semester or per year. The selected period will be shown in the column headers. 

Only segment
Only the data related to the selected segment are being shown. 

Create periods for the whole year
When the accounting period is not the same as the solar year, but when the user still wants to see all months, this function needs to be activated. 

Totals column
This function creates a Totals column for the selected periods in the Profit / Loss Statement and in the Totals view of the Accounting reports command (Account1 menu).

Max number of divisions
The default maximum number of periods is 36. In particular cases, if the user would want to obtain special and very detailed statistics over a long time span, this value can be changed manually. A very high maximum number of periods can slow down the program.


Subdivision by segment
The data related to the selected segment are being shown. This option is only available if segments have been set.

  • Select all - all options will are selected
  • Void - only the amount not assigned to any segment is shown
  • Segments subdivision - Each subdivision will have the header given in the accounting plan. The data of the selected subdivision are shown.

Totals column
When this option is being activated, the totals for the selected segment will be obtained.

Segment header
You can choose the text to be displayed as column header for the segments.


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