Banana 8

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The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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Documentation Excel Add-in


With this Add-in you can create Excel sheets that are filled with Banana Accounting data. Once you have added transactions to the accounting file you just need to click on the Update button of the Add-in and your spreadsheet content will be updated with the new data.
Your existing formatting and formula will be preserved.

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Favorites menu

The names of all the created Compositions appear in the list of the "Favorites menu". When it is necessary to display or print a favorite, just select it from the list of the Favorites menu, without having to edit or modify its configurations.

When you have created compositions for the first time, in order to display them in the Favorites menu, you have to close and reopen the accounting file.



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Apps Menu

Banana Accounting applications are Javascript applications that use Banana specific programming interfaces (API Application Program Interface).
Thanks to the Banana applications, users have the ability to add new extensions that cover a wide range of needs: reporting, calculating, export, import and much more.
In order to see all available Apps and for more information, please visit the BananaApps list page.

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Manage Apps


This dialog window allows you to install, remove and execute Banana applications.

List of available applications

In this list you can find all the application that you added (installed).