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What is the license key?

It's a code that is being furnished when the program is purchased and that makes the program fully operational.
The license key is furnished in the following ways:

  • in the box, printed on a yellow flyer
  • sent by email when bought online with a credit card
  • printed on the invoice (for those buying directly from us).

IMPORTANT: Keep the license key in a safe place. In case the license key gets lost, read our page Lost license key.


A different license key for Windows, Mac and Linux

According to the user's operating system, different license keys are being furnished.
If a license key for Mac is being entered on a computer with the Windows operating system (and the other way round), the program gives an error message that the license is invalid. Those who already have one or another Banana version, can buy version 8 for Windows, Mac and Linux at the upgrade price. As an alternative you can download and use for free the Beta version of Banana Accounting 9 (until April 30th 2018) and then purchase the full license of Banana Accounting 9.


Starter Edition mode at no cost

If you install the program without entering the license key, the program runs in Starter Edition mode.
With the Starter Edition mode, you can:

  • Use the program in complete mode, entering up to 70 rows into the Transactions table.
    If you have more than 70 rows in the Transaction table you won't be able to save or export the file, and in the print-outs the words "Starter Edition" will appear.

When the license key is being entered, Banana Accounting switches from the Starter Edition mode into the complete mode.


Entering the license key

  • Open Banana Accounting
  • Select the command Manage license keys from the Help menu
  • Enter the license key number into the appropriate field
  • Click on the Save license key button
  • Confirm the operation if asked

Important: The license key is saved only for the current user of the computer.

Registration code

Once the license key has been entered and saved, the program displays the registration code and the following dialog appears in the Manage license keys (Help menu) window:

For security reasons the license key is partially hidden.
In case the user loses his license key, the registration code can be used to find the license key that he has entered.
It is important to copy this registration code and keep it in a safe place.


Modifying the license key

Before modifying an already entered license key, please save your open accounting files and close them; only the program remains open.

In order to modify a license key, you have to first remove the existing license key and then enter the new (different) license key.

Remove License Key

Click on the Remove license key button to remove the key.
By removing the license key, the program switches back to the Starter Edition mode.

Enter a new (different) license key

  • Enter the new license key number into the appropriate field
  • Click on the Save license key button
  • Confirm the operation if asked

At the end of this operation, close the program and restart.


Lost license Key

For Banana Accounting 8 the recovery of the license key is considered technical support, which is charged at CHF 70.

It is only possible to recover the license key if you have the installation file of Banana Accounting 8. does not make available the installation files of previous versions (see page

When contacting our technical service, send the registration code that can be found in the Manage License Keys window from the Help menu, or send us a screenprint of the same window as an attachment.

As an alternative to the recovery of the lost license key we recommend the switch to Banana Accounting Plus, available as an annual subscription for CHF 69.- or CHF 149.- (plan with advanced functions that also includes email and telephone support). It is possible to upgrade to Banana Accounting Plus even without the license key of the old version.

You also receive free months with the upgrade:


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