Entering VAT at customs for import

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VAT paid in cash at import

In order to recover the VAT paid at customs, the user needs to operate as follows:

In the table VAT codes there has to be a VAT code of type 2, which allows to record the VAT amount to 100%

Note: In the VAT Codes table, new codes can be added. If it would be needed, for the VAT at 2.5%, in order to recover the VAT at customs, one can just simply add a new code,  for example M25-2, completing it with the same GR, GR1, amount type 2 and entering 2.5 as rate.

In the Transactions table, enter the cash account in credit, the paid VAT amount and the corresponding VAT code.

The program calculates the VAT amount at 100%, without creating differences in the recordings.

VAT paid at import by the shipping company

The procedure is the same as the previous one, except for the fact that the transaction extends itself over several rows, since, at the moment the shipper's invoice is being paid, the shipping costs and/or the customs clearance may be included.


Payment of the shipper's invoice for a total of 359.- CHF: 150.- CHF for customs clearance and shipping costs, and 209.- CHF for VAT advanced at customs.


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