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The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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Report apps are java-script programs that are used to customize printouts like invoice documents. The main function printDocument() receives the json object from Banana, writes the document and lunches the result in a print preview window.

Copies of some report apps that you can use as starting point are available at the following address:

At the moment this feature is available only within Banana Accounting Experimental.


Important notes

  • Banana Accounting uses Qt script engine to execute report apps.
  • Mandatory functions: printDocument(jsonInvoice, repDocObj, repStyleObj) which is the main function and settingsDialog() which is called from user to set up parameters like colour or additional text.
  • Available json objects: invoice json object, statement json object, reminder json object
  • The extension of custom report apps should be .js and the script must contains the main attributes, see Apps Attributes.
  • The attribute @id of the script should correspond to the file name.
  • System report apps are downloaded to the folder /User/.../AppData/Local/
    (Mac Users: /Users/.../Library/Application Support/
  • Do not overwrite system report apps because updates will overwrite your changes.
  • You can save your report app anywhere, Banana Accounting saves the path to your app in the configuration file /AppData/Local/



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