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Use the Debugger

You can debug the script using the internal debugger.
Banana Accounting use the Qt Script Debugger to debug the scripts. Qt is moving the script to a new system, and it is possible that the debugging function wil change or will not be available in the future.

To debug an app

  • Menu App, Manage App
  • Select the script you want to debug
  • Button "Debug".

After the debugger is started click one or more times on the key Shift-F11 until you see the call of the function "exec(inData)", then click F11. At this point you are in the main function of the script.

Use Debugger messages

To see a value of a variable you can also insert a command

Banana.application.addMessage("Hello World");

Debugging import filter

You can debug import filter by istalling the filter as a normal app, and then using the debugging function.




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