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Opening balances when you start with Banana Accounting

When creating a new file for the first time with Banana Accounting, the opening balances must be entered manually in the Accounts table, Opening column.

When you move to the new year, using the Create new year command, Banana accounting reports all the opening balances automatically.

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Start with Banana Accounting during the year

If you start a new accounting, taking over the work already done with other programs, you have two possibilities: 

  • Start accounting from the start of the year, by entering the opening balances at the beginning of the year (Accounts table, Opening column) and the transactions (Transactions table) that have already been previously recorded with other programs (also see Transferring data from other software). Thus you will have all the accounting details a single file.
  • Starting from the date when the accounting is resumed:
    • Enter the opening balances (Accounts table, Opening column), taking over the values of the other accounting.
      In addition to entering the opening balances of the Cash in the Accounts table, it is also necessary to enter the income (positive) and expenses (negative) balances in the Categories table.
    • Input the new entries in the Transactions table.

Balances of the previous year

If you start a new accounting by taking over an existing accounting and you want the previous year's values to appear on the printouts, it is necessary to enter the previous year's balances in the Previous view, Previous Year column of the Accounts table:

  • Enter the closing balances of the previous year's Cash (Accounts table).
  • Enter the closing balances of the previous year's Expenses  (Categories table).
  • Enter the final balances of the previous year of Revenues (insert the minus sign in front of the amount).

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Create new year

When you start the new year, the program automatically carries over the opening balances for the following year.
Consult the Create New Year lesson.

To print the opening balances:


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