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The global setting dialog allow to set the environment.

To access the dialog:

  • Run Banana Accounting dev-channel version.
  • Open the empty project you have just created.
  • Menu Actions → Global settings.

Dialog Globa Settings

You need to setup the

  • ffmpeg executable path
    • Enter the executable path, including the filename (ffmpeg.exe for windows / ffmpeg for mac).
  • Text to speech service
    • Internal
      It will use the text-to-speech service of the computer.
    • Banana.ch service
      It will use the Banana.ch text to speech service that is based on the Azure service.
      Your need to receive a permission from Banana.ch.
    • Microsoft Azure
      You need an Azure account and a API key for the Cognitive text to speech service.
      Enter the:
      • Region name
      • The API Key
    • Google Service you need the API key


  • Menu Action → Build video to test if the build process works.



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