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This file format is used to export transactions data from an account or bank statement with the amounts in plus or minus.

Use in Import into accounting

You can import the file by using:

  • Menu Actions->Import into accounting
  • Import to Transaction table
  • The type of file to be used is a "Income & Expenses transactions".


  • Import using clipboard data will use the content of the clipboard instead of the file
  • Autocomplete values: Some fields of the transactions are automatically completed (see "Importing transactions for multicurrency Double-entry accounting").
    Once the import is done, the contra account will have to be entered manually.
  • Unicode (utf-8) The content of the file is in Unicode utf-8 (it supports any character set).

Use as output for an Import Extension

An Extension that is used to import a bank account statements will return a string that contain the data in TSV format specified here.

The Extensions attributes should contains the following lines:

//@task = import.transaction
//@outputformat = transactions.simple

For more information see:

File format and Columns

The file has the firs

  • You can use any column name existing on the table
  • Columns with special meaning are
    • Date  of the transaction (2014-12-31)
    • Description a brief text
    • DocInvoice the invoice number.
    • Income: The amount in debit, if negative is considered in credit.
    • Expenses: The amount in credit
    • ContraAccount: the account number (debit/credit) or category.
      Enter square brackets [] to keep the field empty
    • Account: If the file contains the movements of multiple accounts, the account of the transaction
      Enter square brackets [] to keep the field empty
    • VatCode the vat code that should be used
    • IsDetail for composed transactions a "S" identifies a counterpart transaction and a "D" a detail transactions
  • Fields header in the first line of the file.
    Fields names are case sensitive and must correspond to the NameXml (English) that you find in the Setting Tab of the Columns setup.
  • Fields header and field data must use the tab character as separator "\t"
  • Each line (after a "\n") is a new record
  • The format for the Date fields is yyyy-mm-dd

Example file Income/Expenses format

In the example the values are written in an excel document.

Income and Expenses excel example





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