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Banana.Application represents the interface to the program and can be accessed through Banana.application.



Returns the version of the implemented Js Banana API in the form of "1.2.2".

For the different versions see API Versions and the changelog.

var qtVersion = Banana.application.apiVersion; // Returns "1.2.2"



Returns true if the application is an experimental version.

var isExperimental = Banana.application.isExperimental;


Returns true if the application is an internal version.

var isInternal = Banana.application.isInternal;



Returns an object containing informations about the active license, or null if no license is active.

The properties of the returned object are:

  • licenseType (string):  one of "professional" or "advanced"
  • exprirationDate (string):  null if no expiration, or the expiration in form of "yyyy-mm-dd"
  • language (string):  "all" if all languages are available, or the licensed language code, i.e: "it", "nl", ...
  • isWithinMaxFreeLines(bool): (from version 10.0.7)  true if you have not yet passed the limits of the demonstration mode. For accounting applications: 70 Transaction rows, 20 Budget rows, 20 rows for added table. For other applications (Invoices, Inventory, Addresses) 20 rows for any table.
    isWithinMaxFreeLines returns always false if the license type is Advanced, because the rows limit is not checked

var license = Banana.application.license;

// Example:
// { 
//    "licenseType": "professional",
//    "expirationDate": "2022-10-24",
//    "language":"all",
//    "isWithinMaxFreeLines":true
// }

if (!Banana.application.license || Banana.application.license.licenseType !== "advanced") {
   Banana.document.addMessage("This extension requires Banana Accounting+ Advanced");



Returns the version of the used qt framework in the form of "6.4.1".

var qtVersion = Banana.application.qtVersion; // Returns "6.4.1"



Returns the serial of the application in the form of "100010-320".

var serial = Banana.application.serial; // Returns "100012-320"



Returns the version of the application in the form of "10.0.12".

var version = Banana.application.version;



Returns the locale of the application in the form of "language_country", where language is a lowercase, two-letter ISO 639 language code, and country is an uppercase, two- or three-letter ISO 3166 country code.

var locale = Banana.application.locale;



Returns an object of type ProgressBar used to give the user an indication of the progress of an operation and the ability to cancel it.

var progerssBar = Banana.application.progressBar;




 addMessage(msg [, idMsg])

Adds the message msg to the application. The message is showed in the pane "Messages", and in a dialog if the application option "Show Messages" is turned on.

If idMsg is not empty, the help button calls an url with script's id and message's id (idMsg) as parameters.

Banana.application.addMessage("Hello World");


See also: Table.AddMessage, Row.AddMessage, Document.AddMessage.



Clears all the messages showed in the pane "Messages".




Returns all messages showed in the pane "Messages".

let msgs = Banana.application.getMessages();
for (let i = 0; i < msgs.length; ++i) {
   let msg = msgs[i];
   Banana.console.log("Error: " + msg.message);

The message object contains following properties:

  • message: the message in the application language;
  • referer:  a string describing to which the message refer (usually the file name);
  • level: the level of the message as string, can be one of "debug", "info", "warning", "debug";
  • helpId: the help id of the message, used to link to the documentation;
  • fileUuid: an id as string that uniquely identifies the file to which the message refer or empty;
  • fileName: the file name that identifies the file to which the message refer or empty;
  • tableName: the table name to which the message refer, or empty;
  • rowNr: the row number as number to which the message refer, or -1;
  • columnName: the column name to  which the message refer to, or empty;

See also: Document.getMessages.


Enable or disable the notification of new messages through the message dialog.

Banana.application.showMessages(); // Next messages are showed to the user through the message dialog.
Banana.application.showMessages(false); // Next messages will not pop up the message dialog.


 openDocument(ac2FilePath [, password] [, title])

Opens the ac2 file located in filePath and returns an Object of type Banana.Document or undefined if the file is not found. The path can be relative, in this case the base directory is the path of the current document.

If the path is empty or contains a "*" or a "?" an open file dialog is showed to the user, and the title is used in the caption of the file open dialog.

With this function you can also open ISO 20022 and MT940 files, in this case a cash book with the transactions of the file is returned.

var file1 = Banana.application.openDocument("*.*");
if (!file1)

var file2 = Banana.application.openDocument("c:/temp/accounting_2015.ac2");
if (!file2)


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