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Financial planning is carried out in the Budget table.

Before starting a financial year, you can budget expenses and estimate income to keep the economic and financial situation under control.

The budget can be set in two different ways:

  1. In the Categories table, under the Budget column. For each category, the annual budget amount is indicated.
    In this case, when you generate the Budget from the Report menu using the command Enhanced Statement with groups, the Budget column shows the amounts that refer to the entire year.
  2. In the Budget table, which can be activated from the Tools menu > Add/Remove functionalities > Add Budget Table.
    In this table, all budgeted expenses and incomes are recorded with transactions. If this table is activated, the Budget column in the Accounts table is automatically disabled. In this case, you can set a detailed budget that takes into account possible variations during the year and in different periods of the year.

Budget table Cash Manager

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