alrconsulting offers introductory courses in accounting with Banana Accounting, as well as on-site assistance in case of problems with the use of the software.
In addition, all the services offered by a fiduciary are also provided.


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Daniel Freuler
Natel 079 452 2681


Trust 8 4 19 Segginger




Our services:

Payroll accounting, monthly payslips, annual payroll reports

and salary certificates

financial statements

Tax declarations & optimizations for natural and legal persons

VAT, withholding tax, corporate tax

company formation


Advice and support for the Banana accounting software

Schreiber Treuhand GmbH

Schreiber Treuhand, located in Zürich, specializes in rendering services to Small & Mid Caps as well as to private customers.  In addition to the classical services of a fiducary, we also provide support for Banana users.