Schreiber Treuhand GmbH

Schreiber Treuhand, located in Zürich, specializes in rendering services to Small & Mid Caps as well as to private customers.  In addition to the classical services of a fiducary, we also provide support for Banana users.

Our Service
Either you pass by at our office in Zürich for one-to-one support. Or alternatively, we can support you online via Team Viewer. Team Viewer allows us to remotely access your PC (read-only) in order to see your screen. So you do not have to travel to Zürich to get personal, state-of-the-art support.

We also offer individualized training courses for Banana users.

Planning  to work with just a simple accounting, or rather a double-entry multi-currency-accounting including VAT ? No matter what’s your choice, we can help you speed up as quick as possible.

What will you get for your money?
After the course, you will have an overall understanding of Banana’s various functions. You will be able to create and individualize your own company accounting materials/sheets/software output. You are confident and able to produce accurate accounting and reporting (e.g. VAT-declaration) throughout the year, as well as an accurate year-end closing.

For more information on the training course, please ask for a table of contents.



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