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Banana Accounting allows you to set up the list of members with address data and a number of other settings that enable automatic: 

Setting up members' accounts - cash accounting

The associations that manage cash-based accounting must set up partner accounts with cost center CC3 (;). Social tax is thus recorded as revenue at the time of payment. The partner's code serves as additional information to that of the accounting. The list of partners is entered in the Accounts table at the end of the chart of accounts:

  • In the Section column, enter an asterisk for the section change.
  • In the Section column of the next row, enter 04 as revenue.
  • Use cost center CC3 (;) for each partner account.

impostare la lista soci

Entering Address Data

Member data such as address, telephone, email are entered in the appropriate columns, which are visible in the Address view. If the Address view is not visible, add it from the menu Tools > Add / Remove functionalities  > Add address column in the Account table.

indirizzi soci

Recording of social contributions on CC3

Payments and other transactions related to partners are recorded in the Registration table. If the partners have been set up with cost center CC3, record as follows:

  • Enter the date and document number.
  • Enter the description.
  • In the Debit column, enter the bank account, and in the Credit column, enter the revenue account Donation.
  • In the CC3 column, enter the partner's account without punctuation.

If the CC3 column is not visible, click on the Data menu > Columns setup > CC3, and activate "Visible" in the small box at the bottom of the dialog box.

registrare i movimenti dei soci

The transactions and balance of each partner can be viewed through the account card by clicking on the small blue icon in the cell or by accessing the menu Report > Account Cards.

scheda conto socio

Invoicing for the payment of social contributions

With the entered registrations, both in the presence of cost center CC3 and the ledger, it is possible to create invoices for the payment of social contributions:

For further information, refer to the tutorial Invoicing to members for annual membership fees.

invoice members

Member donation statement

If the income is recorded with information related to the partner, it then becomes possible to use the extension to print donation statements. This automatically prepares a letter with the payments to the partners.

Print member list 

To print the list of members:

  • Select the rows of members in the Accounts table that you want to print.
  • Go to File > Print and check Print selection.

You can also use the Extract Rows command to select the accounts to extract, and then print the table with the displayed list.

Exporting member data

If you need a selection of data for specific members to send specific communications, emails, or other purposes, you can:

Setting up member accounts for revenue-based accounting

Associations managing revenue-based accounting can include members as regular balance sheet accounts directly in the active accounts or as a separate ledger at the end of the chart of accounts.

The social tax is recorded as revenue at the time the invoice is issued (or at the beginning of the accounting period) with a debit to the member's account. When the payment is made, the member's account is credited.

Detailed instructions on how to set up member accounts in this case are identical to those for setting up the Customer ledger.

elenco soci sul fatturato

Registration and Invoicing of membership fees with member ledger

When members are set up with the ledger, to record membership fees in the Registration table, follow these steps:

  • Enter the date and document number.
  • Enter the description and invoice number.
  • In the Debit column, enter the member's account and in the Credit column, enter the revenue account Donation.

registrazione fattura socio

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