Highly customizable and programmable invoice layout to create custom prints with the Swiss QR Code.
Free application that allows each employee to record working hours, holidays, absences and those hours lost for Coronavirus. Meets the legal obligation to keep track of hours worked. Speed up control and avoid mistakes. Quickly get reports with all the data required to prepare your salary, check absences and holidays and to request the loss of earnings allowance from the unemployment fund.
Extension to export payment orders in XML credit transfer file messages, in compliance with the ISO 20022 Payments Standard and the Swiss Recommendations (pain.001.001.03 and
The hours actually worked or those of absence (illness, holidays - always in hours) are recorded daily. It should be noted that all values, including holidays, are indicated in hours. The program automatically calculates the totals.
Work hours are recorded with start and end times; notes can be written down, reimbursements made, days of illness or additional work can be recorded. The program calculates the totals and any differences with the due hours.
In this template, the worked hours are recorded daily, as well as notes, refunds, sick days and extra work.
The program automatically calculates the totals and any differences with the due hours.
Import and convert account statement movements into accounting movements. Supports files in ISO 20022 camt052, camt053 or camt054 for the Swiss specifications.
This app converts the values in base currency to Swiss francs (CHF) and creates a transactions report with the values before and after the conversion.

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