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Credit Suisse customer's statement import filter (*.csv)



Import CSV file from Credit Suisse

This Banana App imports the transactions from Credit Suissse Bank statement in CSV format.
You can install this import App with Menu App->Manage apps.

If possible use the ISO20022 file form format that is also provided by Credit Suisse and installa the relative Import App for Swiss ISO20022 Camt 052, 053, 054.


CSV File Changes

From time to time and without any notice, the Credit Suisse changes the CSV export format and the import does not work correctly.
Contact our per email our support team and provide an export in the new file format (usually few transactions are sufficient), so that our developers can update the App.

It would help you can check the difference between the previous file format and a new released one, so that our developers can more easily proceed.



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