New Release 10.1.18 of Banana Accounting+

News • 16/02/2024 •

We are pleased to announce the new Banana Accounting Plus update (release) 10.1.18. In this release we have made several improvements and corrected minor issues reported by users, thus ensuring an even smoother experience. We invite all users to download and install this update in order to benefit from the improvements of version 10.1 and ensure an optimal accounting experience.


If you already have a subscription, this new release is free of charge.

The experience and feedback from our users will continue to drive our commitment to providing the best accounting software possible.

Did you miss the previous releases?

Version 10.1 is required to be able to update and use the Swiss VAT report 2023/2024.
This new release 10.1.18 contains all the new features, which we have presented in previous releases, namely:

Create PDF file with digital attachments

Filter function in Banana

The Advanced plan becomes even more interesting

The Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus contains numerous functions to speed up your work and reduce the likelihood of errors. It is the preferred plan for those who regularly manage accounting because, for only CHF 149.-/year (EUR 129 + VAT), they can save a lot of valuable time while they work!

Additionally, if you manage VAT, with the Advanced plan, you can automatically obtain the VAT Report 2024.