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Banana.ch SA is a company based in Lugano (Switzerland) that has been active since 1989. Almost thirty years of success in the service of small businesses, associations and individuals. We offer an Excel-like all-in-one solution for accounting, financial planning and business intelligence.

Flexible, customizable and used worldwide, Banana Accounting is the number one in Switzerland in its field and has been sold in over 180 countries. We are proud of our product and we receive daily feedbacks from satisfied customers who encourage us to move forward in our work.

A history of constant innovation

We are very close to our clients, listening to their needs and, thanks to their feedbacks and suggestions, we focus on bringing practical and simple innovations to the accounting world.

2018 More than 300'000 licenses sold

2017 Banana Accounting 9
One single license for use on Windows, Mac or Linux
Facsimile VAT Form declaration for Switzerland with new rates
Time sheet calculation
Advanced Customer / Supplier Management: create and print invoices
Import data from e-banking even with new formats
Charts generated directly in accounting
Print customized balance sheet and income statements, possible with your own logo

2012 Banana Accounting 7
Native version also for Mac users
Swiss VAT report already integrated in the program
Balance sheets and reports can be personalised, possible with your own logo

2010 Banana Accounting 6
Archiving data in PDF format
Customized reports
Favourites (possibility of creating customized settings)

The Chinese version of Banana Accounting is reviewed by some Chinese websites among the 15 best financial applications freely available in China.

2008 Banana Accounting 5, 2008 version
Banana Accounting for MAC - business partnership between Banana.ch and Codeweavers

2007 New brand in China and the Netherland and new business model for these countries

2006 Banana Accounting 5
Simple accounting
Conversion of accounting data into Excel and XML

2002 Addition of data certification system
Certificate of compliance by Ernst & Young
Filing of patent in USA (USA patent 7,020,640 granted)

2000 Banana Accounting Codie Awards finalist (the equivalent of the Oscar awards in the software industry)
in the "Best Business" and "Numeric & Database" categories, and was thus nominated among the 5 best software programs in the  world

2000 Launching of the international version and of the online sales

1999 Banana Accounting 4
Multi-lingual program
Archiving data in Html format

1997 Banana Accounting 3
Cash book with free of charge distribution on Internet
Multi-currency accounting
VAT management

1995 Promotion of product abroad

1994 Banana Accounting 2 for Windows
Method of use similar to Excel
Introduction of the Undo/Redo operations command

1989 Banana Accounting 1 for DOS
Method of use similar to Lotus
Allows deletions and changes
Fully adaptable accounting plan and groupings

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