How do I proceed if I need to change computer?

Install Banana Accounting+ on your new computer by downloading it from our Download page.
Then enter the email you used to purchase your subscription or with whom you registered. Banana Accounting+ will automatically recognize it.

With the same email you can install Banana Accounting+ on 5 devices, provided that these are owned by you. If, on the other hand, you have a company and you need to install Banana Accounting+ on a server or on several computers, it is necessary that each person using the program signs up for a subscription with their own email address. More details are available at the following link:

For Banana Accounting 9  you need to download the program  and enter the license key.
You can't find your license key? Visit the License Key Recovery page.

Once Banana Accounting Plus (or 9) has been installed (on Windows or Mac), you can launch the program and open the accounting files that have been created with Banana Accounting.

For older versions download is no longer possible: we advise you to update to Banana Accounting+ taking advantage of our offer of 1 free month.

Installation and license key