Teaching Double-Entry Accounting with Banana

News • 23/05/2023 •
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Did you know that Banana Accounting is used by many schools in Switzerland and around the world to teach double-entry accounting? Take a look at our new page on Accounting Education to find out why.


Banana Contabilità is the ideal software for learning accounting because its table-based interface ensures that the Debit and Credit columns are always visible. Students can practice double-entry accounting, applying the theory they have learned in class accurately.

This hands-on approach allows students to acquire the necessary accounting skills needed to face the professional world with confidence and accuracy.

Transactions table in Banana

Benefits of Banana Accounting for Students and Teachers

Main benefits for Students:

  • Easier learning: the table interface makes it easier to apply the studied theory (Debit and Credit).
  • Constant activity monitoring: Banana alerts for any errors or accounting discrepancies.
  • Flexibility to modify data at any time without fear of making mistakes.
  • Automatic updating of account balances after each transaction, ensuring accurate and organized accounting.

Main benefits for Teachers:

  • Excel-like interface minimizes the time needed to explain how the program works.
  • Various installation options for the school and it is possible to work offline.
  • Ease of assignment and correction of exercises.

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Free Software for Schools and Students

The Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus is completely free for schools and teachers who regularly provide training in accounting, finance, or economics. Discover how to get the free subscription

Moreover, students can use the Free plan for free, which allows to enter up to 70 accounting transactions. All they have to do is download and install Banana Plus on their computer.