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Mon, 02/01/2021 - 11:27

The Inventory management is one of the interesting new features in the Banana Accounting Plus version. It has proved to be very appreciated by our clients, because it allows any company or association to always have the list of available material under control.

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Who is the Inventory management suitable for?

Everybody needs to be able to always keep their material under control. For this reason, the Inventory application of Banana Accounting Plus is a very flexible tool that adapts perfectly to different needs:

  • Small businesses that buy and sell valuable goods and/or want to keep inventory;
  • Associations that want to keep an updated list of their material, to know the consumption rates and who takes the items;
  • Individuals who want to keep track of their goods, such as wines bottles in their cellar, design furniture, sport equipment and so on.

What are the advantages of the Banana Accounting Inventory?

  • Very quick to use because you move freely in Excel-like tables
  • You know at a glance how many items you have in stock and their value
  • You have the constantly updated balances of all your items
  • You can edit data and values ​​at any time
  • You can search and / or replace items in no time
  • For each article you have the complete card with all the movements
  • You can easily get the full journal of all your items

Find out more about the Inventory

    All the inventory items to be managed are entered in the Items table. When you enter a transaction, the balances are always automatically updated.

    articoli/conti magazzino

    In the Transactions table, item movements such as purchases and sales are recorded, as well as transfers from one warehouse to another, if there are multiple warehouses.

    registrazione articoli di magazzino


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    Customers who are already using the new Banana Accounting Plus version are very satisfied! Their comments and suggestions allowed us to fix small details and make further improvements. We have made available the new version so you can work even faster.

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