Banana Accounting+ has arrived!

Mon, 10/19/2020 - 09:30

We are glad to announce Banana Accounting Plus, the new version of our software, available in stores and on our website! As always, we have developed new features to better meet the needs of our users and offer a product always very accurate and with high quality.

Banana Accounting Plus anteprima interfaccia

Great news are waiting for you

We have introduced several improvements and new features, ideal for more peace of mind and more efficiency in your work, including:

  • New more intuitive Start Page to facilitate the creation and the setup of your file
  • Reorganized menu commands for more direct and effective use
  • New modern icons and improved graphics that lighten the interface
  • Possibility to create Invoices in two ways: directly in the accounting file or in a completely separate way
  • Creation of customized invoices according to the new QR standard
  • New Inventory application to manage in a simple and fast way the movements of goods
  • New Balance column (Verification Balance) in the Transactions table that allows you to see immediately if and where there are accounting differences
  • Inserting links to digital documents in any table

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Choose the plan that suits you

We maintain our policy of always offering a highly professional product at an extremely competitive price: a little more than two cups of coffee a month for the PROFESSIONAL plan.

CHF 69.-/year for the PROFESSIONAL plan
CHF 149.-/year for the ADVANCED plan
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EUR 60.-/year for the PROFESSIONAL plan
EUR 129.-/year for the ADVANCED plan
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Download Banana Accounting Plus now to take advantage of our updates offer,  which provides up to 12 FREE months, depending on when you purchased your latest version of Banana Accounting.

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