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Banana Accounting
Switzerland CHF
(VAT included)
EUR  (VAT excluded)
Banana Accounting Plus - annual subscription (12 months) - PROFESSIONAL plan 69.00 60.00
Banana Accounting Plus - annual subscription (12 months) - ADVANCED plan 149.00 129.00
Banana Accounting 9 for Windows, Mac or Linux - Single perpetual license 129.00 105.00

If your company requires multiple subscriptions, please contact us by phone or email. Please also visit the Multi-user page


Paid support
Before paying please contact our support team for an evaluation of your case

Switzerland CHF
(VAT included)
EUR (VAT  excluded)
Technical support (if not included in the purchased plan) 
1 unit (30 minutes)
70.00 61.00
File recovery 70.00 61.00
Unlock password 70.00 61.00
License key recovery 70.00 61.00
Priority support 70.00 61.00

Specialized Technical Consultancy and Information - Minimum 2 units (60 minutes)
To enable you to use the basic or advanced features of the software.

  • Help for setting up Segments and Cost Centers
  • Adaptation of the chart of accounts
  • Advanced Multicurrency functions
  • Financial and preventive planning
  • External report
  • Excel add-in
  • Tailor-made imports and exports
  • Help in CSS and Javascript use for QR invoices
  • Extensions development
140.00 122.00

No Accounting or Tax Consultancy
Our company does not provide accounting and/or tax advice. Please contact your tax advisor, accountant or trustee for these matters.


License terms and conditions

Licensing within an association

If the license for use is in the name of the association's accountant
When the association's accountant changes, the license may be transferred to the new accountant, subject to notice to SA, by the outgoing accountant; Banana will cancel the data of the previous accountant and head the license to the new person. The previous holder of the license may not use Banana Accounting.

If the license for use is in the name of the association
When the association's accountant changes and the accounting is performed on a computer belonging to the association, it is not necessary to notify SA of the name of the new accountant.

Attention: these license steps are only possible for version 9 and for Banana Accounting Plus.
For earlier versions, licensing steps are only possible with the same operating system:
a Mac license cannot be used on a computer running Windows or Linux (or vice versa). To switch from one operating system to another, you must upgrade to Banana Accounting+ (Multiplatform for Windows, Mac, Linux).


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