Version 9: New update available

Wed, 01/24/2018 - 12:53

The most recent version of Banana 9 Accounting has been updated with version 9.02. Given the numerous improvements and benefits, we encourage you all to download this most recent release (this is free for who already already works with version 9 and available at a reduced price for who owns previous versions): download

Changes compared to the first Banana 9 version

  • Find and replace window has been updated.
  • Improved the Timesheet application.
  • Simplified Account cards of Income and Expense accounting with counter-account.
  • New "Benefit" license mode.
  • Improved the dialog "New File".
  • Invoicing: "beg_text " field has been added.
  • Addresses: New "Download and replace existing contacts" command.
  • Improved graphs presentation.
  • Templates for new files are downloaded faster.
  • Banana Apps are updated automatically at startup. 
  • Bug fixing, now following functions work as expected:
    • Autocomplete with the option "include previous year".
    • Printing enhanced balance sheet, using subdivision by segment.
    • Accounting reports with period date in the headers.
    • Open invoices figuring account number.
    • Window -> New Window.
  • Several minor improvements and changes.


Released on 18th of January 2018