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The Linux version of Banana Accounting 9  is a native software for Linux, developed thanks to the Qt libraries. The software is spreadsheet inspired, and then perfected for a professional accounting use.

Files created with Banana Accounting 9 for Linux are completely interchangeable with Banana 8 for Mac, Windows and Android.


Banana Accounting for Linux largely uses open source libraries. Thanks to this, Banana can offer a high-quality multi-tool product at an affordable price. contributes to the constant improvement of the libraries, and is committed to help increase the use of Linux, by making the program available for purchase for Linux.


The program installation is a matter of minutes and it is all automatic:

Without entering the license key, the program works in a Free Version mode, which allows you to use all the features up to 70 transactions. Cash book and Time sheet management are already unlimited. Data entered with the Banana Accounting Free Version can be saved and retrieved.
If you purchase a license key and enter it in the Free Version, all limitations will be lifted and your software becomes an unlimited Full Version.


  • The function "Send file via email ..." doesn't work when using Thunderbird as default e-mail program. In these cases, open the folder that contains the accounting file and attach the file manually.
  • On openSUSE Tumbleweed, TrueType and Adobe fonts are not printed correctly.

Please report to us any problem you encounter with your distribution, so that we can publish it on our webpage.

Other information

  • The indicated disk space requirement depends on the amount of transactions and accounts used in the accounting file. 3 MB is an average space for an accounting file with 200 accounts and 2000 transactions.
  • There is no limitation to the number of files.
  • The software is a single user program, just like Excel. Only one person at a time can edit a file
  • Also see the System requirement page

Troubleshooting SSL issues

Banana Accounting 9 needs to download Templates, news and Apps from the internet. To accomplish this task,  the library OpenSSL version 1.0 must be installed on the Operative System. On some Linux distributions like openSUSE, the SSL version provided is the 1.1, which is not compatible.

You can solve this issue by installing the right library, i.e in a Terminal run the following command:
sudo zypper in libopenssl1_0_0


This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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