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The steps below walk you through all the setup to run the Banana Office Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2016.

Minimum requirements: Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

Get Banana Accounting 9

  1. Download Banana Accounting 9 for Windows or Mac.
  2. Install it on your pc.

Activate Banana Accounting web server

  1. Start Banana Accounting 9
  2. On Menu bar click Tools -> Program options… -> select the Interface tab
  3. Check the Start Web Server and Start Web Server with ssl options

  4. Click Ok

Load the Add-in

  1. Open Microsoft Excel 2016
  2. Click on Insert tab
  3. Click on the Store icon to open the Office store

  4. In the Office store page search for Banana add-in

  5. Click on the Add button to add the Banana Accounting Excel Reports add-in
  6. As soon as the add-in is added in Excel, on the Home tab of the main ribbon is loaded the Banana Accounting add-in command.

  7. Click on the Banana Accounting icon to use the add-in


Once the add-in has been added from the Office store it is saved into My Add-ins section.
To load an add-in previously added from the office store:

  1. Click on Insert tab
  2. Click on the My Add-ins icon

  3. Select the Banana Accounting add-in

  4. Click on the Add button


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