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By creating an Extension you can add new functionalities of Banana Accounting Software:

  • Create own calculations or reports.
    • Interest calculation.
    • Statistics on transactions data.
    • Report based on special query.
  • Import data from proprietary file format.
    • Import data from a bank file format and automatically assign accounts.
    • Import data from an invoice software.
    • Consolidate accounting data entered with other software.
  • Export data in a custom format.
    • Create an Export file for the Tax authorities.
    • Export the balances of some accounts in a format ready to be published on internet or inserted in other documents.
  • Check the accounting data.
    • Test transactions for a particular condition; You can show the rows that didn't meet the condition in a table, or display a message with detailed information to the user;
  • Modify the accounting data.
    • This functionality called Document Patch is only available on the Experimental version and is still in development.
    • Append, insert, delete or modify transactions.
    • Modify single row's fields, like for example the row's description or the transaction's exchange rate.
    • Import external data and insert new accounts as well as new transactions in one single run.

Install and run Banana Accounting Extensions

See documentation on the Menu Apps and command Manage Apps.

Quick "How To" guides

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This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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