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The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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New Extensions

In the new Banana Accounting Plus version you will find new Extensions, always up-to-date in order to obtain:

Filters are extensions that make it possible to add new formats into the Import into accounting dialog window: Account1 menu -> Import into accounting -> Manage Apps... button.

In Banana Accounting 8, it is possible extend some of the functions by means of small javascript programs. In order to create your own import filters, see the Banana Apps info page.

More information about all types of import filters can be found on the Banana Apps page.


A dialogue window is opened with

  • the source file where the Banana App is located
  • the App type
  • the App date


If the BananaApp allows the individual setup of the programming parameters, the button is active.
In that case, dialogues will be visible in which fixed parameters can be entered that will be used for this App.
The parameters are related to each file.


It allows you to edit and make changes to the selected App. It will bring you to the directory where the App file is stored.


Permanently deletes the selected App. It is not possible to delete files that are installed at the system level or that are for all users.
For the time being it is also not possible to remove Apps contained in files with an sbaa extension. If you want to remove the App you should delete the App file.

Help (side button)

It leads to the internet page with info on the selected App.

Add from file

Adds a new App from an existing file.
The file should always be available.

Add from url

Adds a new App from a link to a document available online.

  • the file is downloaded from the internet
  • the file is saved in the user's data folder

Update Apps

Downloads the filter's most recent version from Banana Accounting's server.
The downloaded Apps should not be modified because they will be overwritten when updated.
If there are new Apps, they will be added to the list. The imported filters will not be modified.

The Apps will be installed in the user folder. Thus only the user who imported the new Apps or updated the available ones will see them. To install Apps for all users or at a system level, a manual procedure for installing the Apps would need to be followed. 

Help (bottom button)

It links to this page.




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