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In the Format menu the following commands are present:

Default style

This is the default style for the whole file.


Use different points to define the font size.

Bold and Italic


Modify default style

In order to change the default style:

  • attribute the desired style to a row;
  • select the Modify default style command from the Format menu

All the rows with the original defaul t style will then be shown in the new default style.

Calculate row height

When the text for a row is very long, the Calculate row height command from the Format menu allows the user to view it completely, adapting the height of the row. Activate this function on condition that, in the field attributes (Data menu, Set up fields command – Edit attributes button), the Wrap text option has been selected. 

Calculate all row heights

This command operates in the same way as the previous command except that it works on all the rows in a table instead of only one.

Page break

At any point in a file, the user can insert a page break
To insert a page break:

  • place the cursor on the first row where the new page is to be created;
  • open the Format menu;
  • select the Page break command

To remove a page break:

  • place the cursor on the row with the page break;
  • open the Format menu;
  • select the Page break command again


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