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The Sort rows command is available from the Data menu. Please take note of the fact that the Sort rows command is different from the Extract and sort rows... command, since it changes the order of the rows in the table you are currently working on, according to the sort keys you entered. We advise you to be very careful before pressing the OK button, especially if you are working in the Accounts Table, because you might completely change your accounting plan structure.

The rows on the table can be sorted according to the content of the columns. It is possible to enter up to three sorting keys:

Sort by
From the dropdown list choose the desiderd sorting key

Then by
You can here choose an additional sorting key other than the first one

The rows sorting will be in an ascending order, according to the selected sorting key (date, doc, ...)

The rows sorting will be in a descending order, according to the selected sorting key (date, doc, ...)

You need to activate this option if the sorting key you chose only contains numbers

Clear all
This button allows your to clear all settings previously chosen as sorting criteria

Selected rows only
This option is only available when rows have been pre-selected. If activated, only the selected rows will be sorted.


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