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Use style sheet CSS

Selecting this cell will allow the user to connect a style sheet to the exported file. By default the program will automatically use its own style sheets and incorporate it into the document.

Use predefined style sheet

The program's default style sheet will be used.
Deactivating the cell will automatically activate the External style sheet option. The user can then select the name of a personal style sheet.

External style sheet

File name

In case an external style sheet is being used, select the file name of the style sheet with the Browse button.

Include style sheet within html file

When data is sent in Html format, the style sheet file must also be sent. To avoid sending two separate files the user can incorporate the style sheet to the Html accounting file by activating this cell.

Selecting the cells will allow the program to file the data with various graphic options:

  • Export visible columns only
  • Table with border
  • Columns with headers
  • Preserve page breaks within the table
    If there are page breaks on the original accounting file, these will be carried over in the export as well.
  • Export as data - data will be exported without any formatting

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