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Recheck accounting
By ticking this box, the accounting will be rechecked before it is exported.


By ticking the different boxes, the user can export in MS Excel Xml the various tables and/or all the account cards and the VAT/Sales tax Report.

It is possible to select the view where the data are to be imported. This option is available for the export in PDF, Html and Xml format.


This function lets the user export the accounting data subdivided by period.

Accounts/Categories by period
This option allows to export the accounts and categories balances according to the selected period.

VAT/Sales tax report
This option allows to export the VAT/Sales tax report according to the selected period.

Create periods for the whole year
By selecting this function, the partial balances for the whole year will be exported, and not only the ones of the specified accounting period or the selected export period.

Max number of periods
The maximum possible number of periods.

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