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Banana combines the ease and the flexibility of Spreadsheets with the reliability and efficiency of Accounting software. 

Banana follows the example of Excel

For the development of Banana, we have referred to Excel, looking to copy the commands and the user directions. Excel is one of the best softwares for Spreadsheets, and for new developments as well we follow the example of the new Excel versions.

Banana takes from Excel:

  • The concept of a single file in which all the accounting data are being saved.
    It is possible to have as many files as you want, to rename, move or copy the files to external supports, to a dropbox, to attach the files to an email and to move or elaborate them on any Operating system.
  • The tables that gather the data and the presentation; they are very user-friendly.
  • The cells with the possibility to modify, to select a group, to cancel the contents, or to operate with Copy and Paste, both inside Banana as well as to other programs.
  • The columns with the possibility to add new ones, move them, hide them, enlarge them or make them more narrow with the mouse, or modify the display format.
  • The rows with the possibility to insert new ones in any position, to copy them or delete them.
  • The commands to undo or redo an operation, find and replace, sort rows
  • The immediate recalculation, thanks to which the account balance is always up-to-date, even right after a modification.
  • The preview and printout of what is being seen on the screen, with the possibility to print in PDF format
  • Data export in several formats (csv, html, xml).

Banana is an Accounting program

Banana takes from the Accounting programs:

  • The structured set up of the accounting
  • The predefined columns and formulas that cannot be cancelled, not even by accident
  • The control and verification of data while entering them and the reporting of any possible errors
  • The printouts of the accounting: Balance sheet, Profit & Loss statement, Account cards, comparision with the preceding year. All of these can be adapted according to the wishes and needs of the user.
  • Importing the data of bank statements in electronic formats (ISO 20022 and others)
  • The certainty of calculations and data

Specific Banana characteristics

  • Autocomplete, picking up earlier entered values and indicating values that can be entered
  • Error reporting, showing the row that contains them in red (a bit like a spell check).
  • The views inside the tables that allow the user to save and recall the different arrangement of the columns.
  • The compositions that allow the user to save and recall the configurations of the report printouts
  • The recheck of the accounting that checks all the transactions and displays error messages if necessary
  • The information window contextual information about the data of the active row 
  • Creates a Pdf dossier that prints the data and the reports of the accounting in a unique Pdf file.

Advantages of Banana compared to Excel

  • Completely configured Spreadsheet with formaulas and reports
  • Impossible to change the calculation formulas, not even by accident.
  • Data plausibility check
  • Accounting reports

Advantages of Banana compared to a management software

  • User-friendly and flexible
  • Faster data entry
  • Ability to modify and/or cancel transactions without cancellation operations.
  • Different accounting models and accounting settings with just the functions that are of interest to the user
  • Ability to add columns in the tables and display them according to the users needs or wishes
  • No additional modules that complicate the program and make it more difficult to use.
  • No need to pay a yearly subscription

Advantages of Excel compared to Banana

  • Allows the user to create his own calculation formulas.
  • Has advanced formatting functions.
  • Ability to create supplementary tables and connect the date.
  • Has numereous graphic and data processing features.

Advantages of a management software compared to Banana

  • There are integrated modules for invoicing or other functions.
  • Are multi-user, while in Banana, only one person at a time can modify the file
  • Have different levels of access; instead, in Banana, the person who opens the file has the ability to make any possible changes.

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