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The ideal tool to manage the cash account of small sized companies, associations,  private enterprises or project planning.
It can be configured with or without VAT.  On the other hand, it does not have the multi-currency functions.


  • Manages your cash account, or another estate account and income and expenses
  • VAT option allows VAT calculations and VAT tax returns
  • Process all your accounting records: accounting journal, account cards, periodical and annual reporting
  • Manage the Cost Centers and Segments
  • Several possibilites to submit and present your data
  • Export to Excel, Html, Xml, Pdf
  • Import various types of data files.

Tables and Properties files

The Cash book is part of the Income & Expense accounting type. It contains the following tables:

  • Accounts
    Where you find the Cash account or another estate account you manage and the relative opening balance.
  • Categories
    Define the categories of Income & Expense here, the Cost Centres and their segments.
  • Transactions 
    Record your transactions here.
  • VAT Codes
    If you have selected the VAT option, enter your VAT codes here. By selecting one of the VAT templates, VAT codes will be allocated correctly, allowing you to have a facsimile of your official VAT statement.
  • File and accounting properties
    Manage the general settings of your accounting here.

Immediate information

The account balances will be displayed instantly in the Accounts and Categories tables, after the income and expense recordings.
Balances will be adjusted automatically after each registration of a transaction and you will not need to require a specific report to have an overview of your financial situation, which you can call up via the Accounts and Categories tabs.


  • Detailed information on the different functionalities of the program, with concrete examples and screenshots of the software, for your use
  • Free support for one year included.

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