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Banana 8 installation file is no longer available

Banana Accounting 8 is an outdated version and it is no longer updated and supported.
Since it was developed a long time ago, it is not suitable for installation on the latest operating systems and drivers of the new peripheral devices. In order to avoid possible operational, printing or other problems to our clients, with possible data loss,  we no longer provide the installation file.


Switch now to Banana Accounting Plus

Many of our customers have already tried it and are enthusiastic about it. It's similar in appearance and fully compatible with previous versions, but it has lots of interesting new features that improve your work. For a really affordable annual fee, you have a program that is continuously updated.

Frequently asked questions

Does Banana 8 still work?

Yes, Banana Accounting 8, or any other previous version, remains installed on your computer until you decide to uninstall it.

Can I install Banana 8 on a new computer?

If you want to continue using your version 8 or older, remember to make copies of the installed program on your computer. Our company does not recommend this operation and declines any responsibility in this regard. In case you purchase a new computer, if you wish to continue using your old version of Banana Accounting, you must have a technician help you transfer the program from the old computer and set up the necessary compatibility modes.  

Can I still have support for this version?

The last release of version 8 was on May 30, 2017. We no longer offer support for these versions. Our specialized support service is however available for special cases (paid support).

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