Utilities application

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The Utilities application allows you to create the following file types:

By clicking on the Online Templates button you can access our website where we published all templates available for free.


Additional functions

The following commands are particularly useful when used with these applications:


Link between tables

You can create a link between a field of one table to another one, through the Id field.
For example:

  • Add a new simple table named "Projects"
    • In the Id column indicate a project symbol and in the Description column a small explanation.
  • In another simple table, add the following text columns:
    • ProjectsId (Table name plus "Id")
      When you go into edit mode a list of the available projects will be displayed.
    • ProjectsDescription (Table name plus "Description")
      This column must be protected.
      When you change the ProjectsId contents, the description text will be displayed.
  • When you add a column, proceed with a check of the accounting or close and reopen the file to activate the link.



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