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Create customized accounting files

Banana Accounting is universal accounting software, which can be used in any countries, sectors or operating system. It can also be installed on the server. With Banana Accounting you may manage an unlimited number of mandates.
It is extremely versatile, you can fully adapt your acounting file:

  • Create accounting plans with any numbering, any structure and any language or different languages.
  • Use your preferred language, local currency and settings.
  • Define how accounts should be grouped together.
  • Define Cost center and Segments
  • Add columns to the accounts table and transactions tables to insert any kind of information you need.
  • Define VAT Code (or sales tax code) that automate the VAT calculation (see adapt the VAT table).
  • Fully personalize Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss.
  • Create extensions for printing or importing or exporting data.

Similar to Excel

Banana Accounting software, is similar to Excel, it is based on the same spreadsheet concept. It is flexible and easy to use (see also Accounting in 3 steps). Like Excel, it has a limitation that only one person at a time, can work on the same file.

Choice of different accounting methods

It offer predefined accounting spreadsheet, supporting the accounting methods

  • Cash book
  • Income and expenses accounting
  • Double entry accounting
  • Double entry accounting with multi-currency

It has also has predefined spreadsheet for:

  • Address management.
  • Libraries management.

Banana in different countries and sectors

Banana Accounting can be used in different countries and different sectors.

  • Double entry accounting is a worldwide standard
  • Banana supports different languages and locals
  • Banana can be easily parametrized
  • Banana can be easily extended with BananaApps

Create the accounting that is right for you

With Banana Accounting you can easily create the accounting solution that perfectly suits your needs.

  • Look at the large selections of predefined templates for different countries and industries.
  • Start with a template that is similar to your needs (language and method) and adapt to you.
  • Take a look of the documentation.

Banana.ch international accounting team

Our accounting team as a broad international experience and would really like to work to create the best solution for you.

  • We have customers in more the 120 countries.
  • We work in different languages.
  • We have experience with many accounting and fiscal systems.


With Banana Apps you can extend Banana to exactly match all your needs:

  • Reports that combine different accounts, segments.
  • Reports that use different account groupings.
  • Printing a facsimile of a required Balance sheet form.
  • Printing a facsimile of a Monthly VAT report.
  • Creating an Export file based on the tax requirement.
  • Creating a list of an association that has not yet payed the due amount.
  • Checking the accounting data so that it comply to a specific standard.
  • Calculating interest rates.
  • Splitting the expenses among different people.
  • Planning your business.
  • Calculating Ratio.
  • Creating Charts.

Existing BananaApps 

Here are some examples we have been working on and distributing with the open sourece Apache 2.0 license.

Introductions to the tools you will use

  • When creating a new accounting, you can choose the accounting type, language and template that is more suited to you.
  • In the accounting properties, you can set the basic currency, address, and other option of the accounting.
  • You can now save your file and the adapt it to your needs and use it later as a template.
    For each year and each company you will have a different file name.
  • In the Accounts table you set the account numbering, description and grouping, cost centers and segments that are more suited for your needs.
  • In case you will manage the VAT, in the VAT Codes table you will enter the different VAT percentages.
  • In case you have chosen the multi-currency accounting, the Exchange rate table will allow you to specify the different currencies and exchange rates.
  • Once you have setup all this you can start booking.
  • In the Balance by group you can setup and save different printouts settings
  • With the BananaApps you can create printouts that suit the needs for tax declaration, data presentation for a specific sector.
  • If your bank has a specific e-statement format you can create an import filter that will transform the bank data into Banana transactions.

Creating a new accounting file

See Creating a new template.

XBRL taxonomies

It is also possible to create an instance file in the XBRL format that is specific to a country.

The documentation is not ready yet, so feel free to contact us.



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