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Banana Accounting is very similar to Excel, yet simpler, time-saving and customized for your accounting needs. Start streamlining anything from basic invoicing to advanced reporting and bookkeeping. Do it in the smartest, quickest and most professional way.

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Step 1. Create

Open Banana Accounting. Pick your country, language and the accounting application you prefer. We give you more than 500 accounting models to choose from. Once done, it takes a few seconds to be up and running. Enjoy complete bookkeeping freedom, unlimited entries, and professional templates.

Step 2. Customize things your way

Head to the Accounts or Categories table to customize your accounts. Add or delete accounts, edit descriptions, create sub-groups and various subtotaling levels.

Set up and manage accounts of customers and suppliers, members of associations, cost and profit centers, and segments. All in one user-friendly interface.

Refine and change all the information you need, at any time.

3. Start recording

Last stop is the Transactions table. Here is where the magic happens. You just enter the data and allow Banana Accounting to speed up things for you with:

  • Intuitive automation and suggesting repetitive operations
  • Fast and error-free data imports, such as e-banking statements
  • Minimize manual processing and data entry redundancy, risks, typos
  • Accuracy: signaling hard-to-spot errors so you can correct before they escalate.

... and accounting is done!

From now on, the Banana Accounting software does almost everything.

Paperbound? No problem. One click and done!

  • Balance sheet, income statement, journal, account cards
  • VAT report and statement
  • Reports by project or by sector and geographical area
  • Ability to create customized prints for every need and country with BananaApps
  • Get a pdf file with all accounting data and printouts - great for long-term archiving or transmission to auditors.

Go ahead. Give it a go!

Download the software, create your own accounting file and try out everything! By purchasing the license key, you can lift the 70 entries limitation, and all your work will be kept. 

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