Auto-completion rules for income and expenses accounting

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In Income and Expenses Accounting and the Cash manager, the functionality for Completing Imported transactions works in the same way as for Completing transactions in Double-entry Accounting.

The difference is that instead of using the Debit Account and Credit Account columns, the Account and Category columns are used.

  • The Account column
    This is the one related to the bank account.
  • The Category column
    This is the one where the category is indicated to replace the contra account entered automatically.
  • The Income and Expenses columns
    These are the ones where the amount for the correspondence is indicated.

The Recurring transactions table in Income and Expenses accounting

Regole di automazione nella contabilità Entrate e Uscite

  • If the rules contain amounts these are entered in the Income or Expenses column depending on the amount:
    • The columns associated with the amount are the Income and Expenses columns.
    • If no amount is specified, the rule will be applied to both outgoing and incoming transactions.
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