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This class Banana.Ui contains methods to interact with user interface.

Add Message 

You can display information to the user by using the following functions:

Simple Display and Input 

For simple display and input of data from the user you can use the Banana.Ui Methods likes:

  • showText()
    Show the given text in a dialog with the given title.
  • showQuestion()
    how the user a question dialog with Yes and No buttons.
  • getText()
    Show the user a dialog asking to insert a text.
  • getDouble()
    Show the user a dialog asking to insert a double.
  • getItem()
    Show the user a combo box dialog asking to select an item from a list. 

Structured data input

The openPropertyEditor() function create a structured dialog for entering data. 

It is particularity useful for letting the user customize the extension. 

Creating Widgets

With QT Creator you can design any kind of widget and use it in the extension to visualize o get data from the user.




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