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Adding the ${...} field

The ${...} field allows the user to add dynamic text to the document, for instance an account's balance or a Banana table. The Banana API interface is available at the following web address
The command can be added manually or through the command Edit - Add script

Printing a blank line (put a space between the quotes)

${' '}

Printing the current balance of account  1020


Output of the Accounts table, columns:  Account, Group, Description, Balance.

${HTML Banana.document.table('Accounts').toHtml(['Account','Group','Description','Balance'],true);}

It is possible to write the javascript code in a separate document and include the script through the command Banana.include.
The scripts can be saved in the Documents table or in a local file.


java script editor

javascript Html editor

Adding a page break

The command can be added manually or through the command Edit - Add page break

Text in the first page
Text in the second page


  • When taking text from external sources (Word, Internet pages, ...), use the Edit > Paste as plain text command. 
    This command avoids problems with HTML formatting, which in some cases prevents correct display.
  • For the examples on this page, use the Copy link on the top right of each example, do not use CTRL+C (or CMD+C).
  • If the ${…} field does not work, check that there is no HTML formatting (such as <span>…</span> elements or other) and possibly remove it from the HTML Source code.
  • To remove existing HTML formatting from an entire page:
    • copy text to clipboard (CTRL+C)
    • go to the HTML Source tab and delete all content
    • go to the Page 1 tab and paste the copied text with the Edit > Paste as plain text command.


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