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DateBananaPlusBananaPlus DevAPI VersionChangeNotes
2022-03-3010.1.810.0.12.0891.2.0New class Banana.Document.Column 
    New method Banana.Document.Table.column 
    New method Banana.Document.Table.viewName 
    New method 
    New methods Banana.ReportElement.addHeader1..6 
    New method Banana.ReportElement.addStructuredText 
2022-05-3110.1.810.0.12.1511.2.1New method Banana.ReportElement.GetChildren 
    New method Banana.ReportElement.GetParent 
    New method Banana.ReportElement.GetRoot 
    Fixes Banana.ReportElement.addStructuredText 

10.1.8 property Banana.application.qtVersion 
    New property Banana.application.apiVersion 
    Fixes Banana.Document.Table.progressiveNumber for alphanumeric or composite numbers. 
2023-02-2210.1.810.1.0.230531.2.3New method Banana.application.getMessages
New method Banana.document.getMessages
    New property Banana.document.uuid 
2023-08-22n/a10.1.0.232281.2.3New method Banana.document.addDocInfo 
2023-08-25n/an/a1.2.4Search paths for include scripts via the attribute @includejs or via the method Banana.include has be extended:
1) Relative to the same directory as the file that contains the @include attribute.
2) New: relative to the directories of the currently opened include files, in the reverse order in which they were opened. 
2023-09-26n/an/a1.2.5New method Test.closeDocument
New method Test.setDocument
New method Test.setTableValue


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