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Dans cet article has a specific area of ​​assistance, consulting and development.

On request and upon availability we can provide the following services:

  • Development of specific Banana Extensions for different needs (import, export, printing, controls)
  • Integration of the Banana Accounting software with other company solutions
  • Implementation of the use of Microsoft Office technologies (Excel, Word, Outlook, Access add-ons) in combination with Banana Accounting
  • Development of special charts of accounts for specific needs or nations
  • Integration and creation of specific solutions.

For these services:

  • We are happy to supply a quote (please contact us by email at
  • User's license and Terms & conditions are applicable
  • Unless otherwise agreed, the developments are carried out and made available according to the Apache License 2.0 (see wikipedia's explanations)
    The application can be modified, made public without restrictions, and the developers assume no responsibility for the developments, and for the application's compliance to the requirements.
  • Technical details of the technology used can be found in our documentation.
  • If not specified otherwise, it is assumed that our services are based on the use of Banana Accounting Plus.
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