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Banana Accounting is a an accounting software that run on the client computer and it is not a cloud solution and there is not an internet service that is used to add data to the accounting.

When integrating data there are two choices:

Import the file in Banana Accounting

You can import in Banana Accounting by using one of the predefined formats or by using an Import  extension.

  • Use the Menu Actions->Import in Accounting and Automation
    Use for importing to the Tables Transactions, Accounts and Vat Code.
    It a more specific import with autocomplete and other useful tasks.
  • Use also the command Data->Import rows,
    This is a general version that import directly to any Table the data as it is in the import file.

Complete and modify imported transactions

After any data is imported in the accounting file the user can add more information, modify the existing one or also undo the import. 
That makes very easy to test import but also to automate tasks. You don't have to define all possible cases. The user can take care of exceptions and changes.

Create an export file from your application

This is the most current use case, where your application directly create and export file that can be easily imported in Banana Accounting. 

By providing a Banana Accounting export file, your application can be appealing to a great number of Banana Accounting users. You can focus on enhancing you application and don't need to dedicate time to develop an accounting application.

Create an Import Extensions for converting from other formats

Most software have the choice to export data in a predefined format and don't give you the chance to create an export format specific to Banana Accounting. By creating an Import Extension the imported file will be converted to the Banana Accounting format during the Import Accounting process.

This is a best solution when you are using a standard software solution and you need to integrate data in Banana Accounting or in case the customer need a customized solution, for example for automating some aspects. 

For this case you can:

Use free version for test purpose

For the development and testing the import you can download the Banana Accounting software version available on our web site. You can use all functionalities and save up to 70 transactions. This version is normally sufficient for the development and testing process.

In case you are an independent software developer and need full functionalities we can provide a time-limited full license.
Request must come with a link to the developer web site.

Cloud integration

Banana Accounting is a client solution that runs on the user computer. The accounting file  is saved on the client computer.

There is not an API that allow to integrate data from other cloud services.
If you need to integrate data from a cloud solution:

  • Export the data in a local file.
  • Import the data in Banana Accounting as explained above.


If you are a software developer that provide solutions that integrate or extend Banana Accounting we invite you to also look at the benefits available with our Community.










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