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You can download and install Banana Mobile for iOS/iPadOS from the Apple App Store.

Banana Mobile versions are an excellent support if you already have a desktop version and want to access your files from outside your office. These applications are constantly updated and improved.

With the mobile version of Banana Accounting you can quickly enter the transactions and control your accounting at any time! This mobile version is the porting for the desktop version, and is optimized for use on tablets, chromebook and "desktop mode", while on small screens the experience is limited, as they are not so suitable for the Excel-like interface.

Limitations compared to the Desktop version

Banana Accounting Mobile looks similar and has many features that are also available on the Desktop version, like creating new accounting sheets, opening and modifying existing files, execute accounting calculations, show print previews, etc. At the moment, functionalities using external files, i.e. "Import to accounting", are disabled. It is not possible to print data and create PDF files.


Access documents on the cloud from your cell iPhone

With Banana Accounting+ Mobile you can access to *.ac2 files stored on Cloud storage services like GoogleDrive, OneDrive, etc. Therefore you can easily share accounting files between your desktop and your iPhone or iPad. What you just need is to install on your device the corresponding app from the cloud storage provider.

The available operations on the cloud storage services depends on their implementation of the iOS FileProvider Framework. If the implementation is complete  (like for iCloud or Dropbox) you will be able to open, create and modify ac2 files with Banana Accounting+ Mobile. For other providers that doesn't fully implement the FileProvider Framework, the available operations could be limited.

The following table shows you the available operations for the main Cloud storage services as of 2022-05-03:





iCloud yes yes yes
Dropbox yes yes yes





Infomaniak KDrive yes no yes

Microsoft OneDrive

yes (1)



Swisscom MyCloud




(1) The file have to be opened via the Open File Dialog. If the file is opened via the Recent Files list ti don't match the latest version present on the cloud.

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