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The interface options are activated via Tools → Program Options → Interface.

opzioni programma - interfaccia

Program options


It is the language used by the program. You can change this setting if you want to use a language other than the default or if the default is not available.

Font type

You can choose the font.

% Zoom

If you want the data in the tables to be displayed in a different size, just adjust the Zoom percentage.

  • The zoom percentage can also be changed with the zoom tool at the bottom right of the status line.
  • The purpose of the zoom is to adapt the table content to the window size.
    For the text size of menus, dialogues and icons, the operating system settings are used, but can also be adapted by the user.

Show negative numbers in red

Negative numbers and amounts are displayed in red in the tables.


Check for updates

Direct link the website to the update download page.

Display start page

The news information home page is displayed.

Show recently used files

Recently opened files are displayed.

Start Web Server

Is used to access Banana Accounting data from external programs.

For more information see Integrated Webserver

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