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    The Netherlands VAT Reports


    This extension allows you to:

    • Create the Netherlands VAT Statement form preview.
    • Create a report with the annual overview of the VAT periods
    • Update your VAT table

    Installing the extension

    Before being able to use the extension for the creation of the VAT reports, the following steps must be taken:

        Install or update Banana Accounting Plus on your computer and subscribe to the Advanced Plan.
        Install the extension BTW Nederland [BETA]:
            Menu Extensions → Manage Extensions.
            Select Nederland in the country field.
            Select Online → Productivity.
            Select from the list BTW Nederland.
            Click on the Install button on the right.

    Once installed, the extension is available under the menu item Extensions, which is only visible in an accounting with VAT.

    Setting the data

    Before you begin, you must set up some parameters of the accounting file, which are necessary for the transmission of VAT data.

    File properties

    In the File menu → File properties (Basic data), insert:

    • The name of your company
    • The Address
    • Your VAT Number

    This information is displayed at the top of the reports.

    Update the VAT table

    If you have an outdated version of the VAT Codes table with the current rates, you need to update your VAT table. To know if your table is outdated, check whether there are groups in the Gr1 column of your VAT table, these groups correspond to those on the Official vat form.

    Generate reports

    The reports are created following the structure of the official VAT declaration form for the Netherlands, VAT codes that are not included in the standard ones are not taken into account by the extensions.

    Rounding Differences

    In the VAT form, the amounts of the groups can be rounded to the nearest whole number for benefit, this is already done automatically in reports. At the bottom of the statement, a control section has been added to show the VAT total in the accounting and the difference between the VAT total in the accounting and the rounded VAT total in the statement.

    Data transmission

    From 1 January 2022, the  VAT declaration for the Netherlands can be made on the new portal Mijn Belastingdienst Zakelijk.

    Complete the official Online form by copying the data from the report printed in Banana accounting. You can save and print the file using the icons at the top of the report.


    • VAT code without Gr1. Each vat code must have a group assigned in the Gr1 column, if you see this message, check in your VAT codes table that all codes have a group assigned. After this message has been displayed the report will still be created, but with the risk that some information will be missing.
    • The VAT codes table is already updated to the last version. Your VAT codes table already has all the groups in the Gr1 column up to date, in this case no changes are made to your table.
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