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    Airbnb template for multi-currency accounting management

    Double-Entry Accounting with foreign currencies

    Manage your business on Airbnb or other similar platform with this double-entry accounting template featuring multi-currency management. You'll find all the features of the free template, plus the ability to manage multiple assets.

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    This template is useful for comprehensive and efficient accounting management for Airbnb hosts who need a system that supports double-entry bookkeeping and handles multiple currencies. Banana Accounting Plus provides a wide range of features to track the income and expenses of your short-term rental business.

    Banana Accounting Plus is an advanced accounting software that is superior to Excel, yet it is simpler and more cutting-edge, catering to the common needs of Airbnb hosts. The accounting template has been specifically designed to offer a comprehensive and customizable solution for the financial management of your Airbnb properties. It allows you to track expenses, record income, monitor cash flow and much more.

    The key features of this accounting template for Airbnb include:

    • Asset Management: this template encompasses all the features of the free template for Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo and similar hosting platforms and provides an advanced solution for those with greater needs. It allows you to manage unlimited assets compared to the free template.
    • Double-Entry Bookkeeping: the template adheres to the fundamental accounting principle of double-entry bookkeeping, ensuring the accuracy and correctness of your financial records.
    • Multi-Currency Management: if you manage Airbnb properties using different currencies, Banana Accounting enables you to record and track income and expenses in different currencies, simplifying international financial management.
    • Advanced Reporting: the software offers the ability to generate detailed reports on your finances, including profit and loss statements, account statements, balance sheets and detailed budgets. These reports provide you with a comprehensive overview of the performance of your Airbnb properties.
    • User-Friendly: the software is designed to be user-friendly, even for those new to double-entry bookkeeping or without extensive accounting experience. The accounting template is intuitive, and the extensive available online documentation guides you step-by-step in managing your finances.

    Banana Accounting Plus is intuitive, easy to use and simplifies your accounting management for Airbnb.

    Example of a multi-currency income transaction for hosts

    Here's how to use the multi-currency feature of Banana Accounting Plus:

    1. Set the desired currency exchange rate through the Exchange Rates table.
    2. Perform the accounting entry by entering date, description, bank of the currency received, income account, amount in the currency received and specify the currency received. Banana Accounting Plus will automatically calculate the amount in the main currency used for managing your Airbnb accounting.

    Exchange rates table for manage airbnb multi-currency template

    Image of the Exchange Rates table

    Transactions table with multi-currency airbnb income transactions

    Image of the Transactions table where to record the income received from Airbnb or similar platform.


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