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    Essential Expense Manager PDF report with embedded receipts

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    Easily enter and categorize you expenses and create a PDF report with embedded receipts. A simple and effective solution for all expenses reporting needs for SME and non-profit. It's totally free for up 70 expense entries for reporting.

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    Improving how employee expenses are managed is crucial for all businesses.

    Whether employees are traveling for work or working from home, keeping track of their expenses and making sure they get reimbursed correctly has become a complex task.

    Banana Accounting expense manager functionality to create a PDF dossier is essential and cost-effective for the majority of small and medium-sized businesses. It helps track expenses, improves transparency and makes it smoother for employees to interact with the company's accounting department.

    All in one PDF report with embedded receipts

    Banana Accounting create a PDF report with embedded receipts. The PDF file includes everything is necessary for reporting, approval and reimbursement.

    • The list of expenses with all information necessary and the link to receipt.
    • The report of the categorized expenses, for accounting purposes.
    • The scanned receipt's files.

    PDF file can embed other files. If you don't know just open this example PDF file and click on the link (look the link icons on the left in the image below), so that the receipt document will directly open (some browser don't show the files, better use Adobe Acrobat Reader that is free to use).

    Dossier PDF with embedded receipts from the essential expense manager template.

    Totally free for up to 70 expense entries

    The Banana Accounting template is designed to benefit companies of all sizes. The expense manager template is a software entirely free for up to 70 expense entries, making it a very accessible solution.

    How to start

    Using this Banana Accounting functionality allows you to obtain your PDF dossier with expenses categorized and embedded in a simple and immediate way:

    1. Install Banana Accounting
    2. Open the template file and save to a directory, where you also scan your documents.
    3. Scan your receipts or invoices (Banana Accounting does not perform the scanning).
    4. Enter the incurred expenses in the Transaction table and add a Link to the scanned receipt file.
    5. With File menu > Create Pdf Dossier create the PDF report (check the Include attachments).
    6. Transmit the file for reimbursement.

    Now you'll be ready to send your PDF dossier by email to the accounting department, for approval and reimbursement.

    This workflow is essential and cost-effective for the majority of small and medium-sized businesses.

    Add the payment methods used by employees

    If you wish, you can manage the payment methods used for expenses through the CC3 column.

    To enable it, double-click on the column headers in the Transactions table. In the window that opens, on the left, enable the display of the Cc3 column and confirm with the Ok button.

    Manage the different payment methods from the Categories table by adding the accounting accounts with a semicolon in front. You can add as many payment methods as you prefer.

    Add the quantity columns to manage travel kilometers

    To manage travel expenses based on the distance traveled, it could be useful to enable the display of columns related to quantities.

    To enable them, double-click on the column headers in the Transactions table. In the window that opens, on the left, enable the display of the columns Quantity, ReferenceUnit, UnitPrice, and confirm with the Ok button.

    Remember to enter Unit Price in the Transactions table with a negative sign.

    Additional features of the Essential Expense Manager

    Easy Expense Logging: the core of this tool is a user-friendly interface. Employees can quickly record their expenses by entering the date, category, amount and payment method. This reduces mistakes and ensures accurate data entry.

    Digital Receipts: instead of using paper receipts, the software lets employees attach digital copies of receipts. This prevents losing receipts and keeps expense records secure.

    Detailed PDF Reports: the software is great at creating comprehensive expense reports. These reports include all embedded receipts in a single PDF file, which can be easily shared with accountants through email. The reports break down expenses, categories and receipts, promoting transparency.

    Customizable Categories: the software lets administrators customize expense categories to fit the company's needs. This ensures that expenses are organized in a way that matches the company's reporting and analysis requirements.

    Easy Access: the expense manager can be shared through email, which is helpful for remote employees or those who often travel for work.

    Data Privacy: it's important to note that the data entered into Banana Accounting is not used for commercial purposes. Your information remains confidential, offline and is not repurposed in any way.

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